What need to do for Improve SEO in 2019

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What need to do for Improve SEO in 2019? #SEO_2019,#Improve_SEO_2019

Many people talking about that, however this just a part of SEO. 

Google was analyse and change day by day to Ranking many website in search result. Beside, Daily have many website was born and content is not unique and not useful. Understarnd Google Algo is difficult.

So, today i will don't talking about technical or security, and then i want sharing a topic maybe we not follow on SEO. I'm think 


First, we need focus on E-A-T(#Expertise, #Authoritativeness, and #Trustworthiness).

In fact, Google might be using a form of Google Authorship to figure out whether or not an author is an expert in that space. And need be transparent. Google probably focuses on off-site signals to figure out your site’s E-A-T. Google said 

“We expect most websites to have some information about who (e.g., what individual,company, business, foundation, etc.) is responsible for the website and who created the [content], as well as some contact information.” This means having:

Thorough about page, Easy to find contact page, References and external links to sources Privacy policy and terms of service

Second, Publish Unique Data and Encourage Comments on Your Site.

But you think blog comments help your rankings? No way, I think The answer seems to be: “YES!”. In fact, Google stated that community (blog comments) can help “a lot” with rankings.And last year Google said that “Comments are better on-site for engagement signals for SEO than moving to social.”. In other words, Google wants to see that you have an active community on your site. And they’re likely to pay even more attention to this ranking signal in 2019.

Final, I think Zombie Pages is important, Do you know what is Zombie Pages?

Every site has pages that provide zero value.(aka “Zombie Pages”) this such as "Outdate blog, archive blog, print page, low-performing product page, wordpress category and tag pages, old press releases, Boilerplate content, old service page ...". In here i say for hundreds or thousands of Zombie Pages in your website? It can drag down your entire site’s SEO. if just A handful of Zombie Pages is no big deal.

Yeahh, Many master on my connection don't care me because i just kidding and sharing some topic i following. :D Thanks for reading.