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Web Design Service are a professional website design company, we operate under the motto "Understand you and your customers". That is, we always try to convey the best of your ideas and what your customers care about on the website. Our team of engineers, LP specialists have experience and experience in many fields, so we always understand what your website needs.

What are the factors of LP's professional website design?

LP Proud to be the first website design company to support customers with the latest technology today. We apply AMP to the website without cost. 100% interface Friendly Mobile Device , Secure and Optimized Onpage SEO . You don't need to spend too much on SEO Services  .

  • Weakness of money: To call a professional website, it must be said to be stable, meaning that the interruption time must be minimized and must be operated regularly. 
  • The second element : page load speed or page loading speed must be fast; According to studies that users who have no patience for more than 10 seconds waiting for a website to display, they will quickly turn off and go to another website. LP designs web AMP to load pages less than 1 second on the phone, according to Google recommendations.



  • Factor 3: As introduced website is an electronic store so to attract customers, the website must be designed eye-catching and attractive colors.
  • Factor 4: Website layout, information and service products must be reasonable, not too much, too detailed, confused; It is important to match the preferences and requirements of the customers that the business is targeting.
  • Element 5: Create interaction to save customers on your website longer; When you retain long-term customers on the website to learn the information, the higher the probability of that person from the visitor to the customer.
  • Element 6: The information of products, services and business introduction needs to be complete and clear, making it easy for users to learn about your information.
  • Element 7: The functions of the website must be easy to use, focus on the needs and avoid cumbersome procedures, not suitable for fastidious and impatient users.
  • Element 8: A final and general criterion, that website must bring business benefits of the business, is an effective support tool to help businesses increase sales and save time and expenses. charge.
  • And finally: TECHNOLOGY USE : LP website design uses the latest technology today such as; Bootstrap, AngularJs, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Integrate Google AMP into the website. Responsive interface.



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